Canberra Pekins

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The pekin chicken is absolutely wonderful. Friendly, inquisitive, beautiful and easy to tame.  They can even become lap pets. To top it off, they come in a large range of colours.

This web site aims to encourage others in the area to own and love pekins. Breeding isn't for everyone, but if your interested in knowing whats involved contact us.  Its fun.

The creator of this web site breeds Mille fleur pekins. This isn't a standard colour, and has been developed over the last 10 years. When breeding this colour the result is many different variations. ie the colour isn't stable. However it is wonderful watching them transform as they grow. You really need to keep a mille pekin until their first moult to get a full understanding of their potential.

Debbie, a local breeder has aims to continue to improve the mille fleur colour. This wouldn't be possible without the support and assistance of some of the best pekin breeders in Australia.

See the photos page for some of this years breeding pairs.


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